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Katharine Harvey: Break the Routine and Fit More Travel into Your Life

Welcome to the first episode of The Globetrotter Lounge Podcast! Katharine Harvey and I both grew up in Seattle - and many...

Fly to Hawaii for Less Miles

Oh how I love Hawaii.  Who doesn't?  It's a dream destination that beckons year round with its radiant sun, gorgeous beaches, blue oceans full of marine life and friendly people.  It has a special magic. But it can be incredibly expensive to get there - especially for...

New Gear = Happy Travel Hacker

The special occasion was my birthday and the official formation of Jet Set Lisette LLC. I decided to celebrate with a few gifts to myself. And what better gifts than travel gear? This in large part was also prompted by an excellent post on Unfancy, one of my favorite...

TravelHack: Free In-Flight Wifi

With all my recent travel, I've been needing to catch up on work (and blogging) on flights.  This means I need to use wifi. I often forget to pre-pay for a gogo in-flight pass, which is already fairly expensive at $20 for an all day pass.  Once you are on the plane...

Free Hotel Stay in Buenos Aires

When I first started travel hacking, I wasn't very interested in collecting hotel points. I loved to use Airbnb (still do - when not staying in hotels), and prided myself on finding free places to stay via friends.  But that changed when I opened my first Hilton card...

Get on the Global Entry Wagon

As far as travel hackers go, I've been slow to join the luxury travel party.  I've been stockpiling miles, travel rewards and hotel points for almost four years now, but only recently have decided to up my game in regards to travel perks. Meanwhile, well known travel...

I am a HUGE fan of Jet Set Lisette!  If you like to travel or have family that live far away, it is a NO BRAINER to implement Jet Set Lisette's tips and strategies. Lisette has a super FUN and enthusiastic personality - you'll enjoy learning from her. See you on the road!