Today I’m interviewing Jet Set Christina  – a luxury travel blogger who has made a career of traveling the world.  I came across her on Instagram, and along with her great photos shot in enticing locations, there was something I really liked about her name. 🙂   So of course I started following her.  Along with 34,000 other people.

When I launched my podcast she was one of the first Globetrotters I thought of to interview. I definitely wanted to know how she ended up getting paid to travel to some of the most beautiful destinations on earth.

It’s only been about a year since she decided to be a full time travel blogger, but she’s already getting tons of  attention. Her blog was ranked in the top 7 travel blogs on Buzzfeed and was featured in The Daily Mail’s top luxury Travel bloggers list.  And her Instagram account was named # 1 by Travel & Leisure, Trip Advisor and Yahoo on their  lists of top travel accounts to follow.  She also was featured in Forbes in an article about the most beautiful Beaches according to the World’s Top Instagrammers.  The list goes on and on.

She’s energetic and super fun – and our conversation left me inspired to pursue my travel and entrepreneur dreams wholeheartedly. Fear can take a back seat, thank you very much.

So take a listen and invite some laughter and travel inspiration into your life!


What you’ll learn

  • How she got started as a luxury travel blogger
  • How to find balance when you are always traveling
  • Which country is great to use as a base outside of the U.S.
  • Some of her top Instagram tips
  • What’s she learned  by taking this career leap
  • Tips for starting a travel blog and becoming an influencer


I am a HUGE fan of Jet Set Lisette!  If you like to travel or have family that live far away, it is a NO BRAINER to implement Jet Set Lisette's tips and strategies. Lisette has a super FUN and enthusiastic personality - you'll enjoy learning from her. See you on the road!


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