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Cepee Tabibian - She Hit Refresh

Ep 14 | Cepee Tabibian: Helping Women Over 30 Hit Refresh and Start a Life of Travel

Join me as I sit down with Cepee Tabibian, a United States expat who now lives in Madrid, Spain. Now that she has made her biggest travel dream a reality, she is inspiring other women over 30 to do the same via her online community and blog, She Hit Refresh. We spend time talking about her life long passion for travel, how she’s found a way to move abroad, and why her community is a hit with women looking to break free of their routine and start a life of travel. Read More…

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Tina Neville Photo

Ep 13 | Tina Neville: From Refugee to Serving in the Foreign Service

Tina Neville’s desire to travel started with wanting to reconnect to the country where she was born. Her family came to the United States as refugees from Vietnam when Tina was a child. Her life journey led her from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma to graduate school at Yale, and then serving in Vietnam (and other countries) as a U.S. Foreign Service Officer. Read More…

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Kristen Winn in Sa Pa, Vietnam

Ep 12 | Kristen Winn: Traveling the World for a Year

Artist, wine industry veteran and seasoned traveler Kristen Winn shares her inspiring story of a year spent traveling. Her epic solo journey took her to Iceland, Sweden, Norway (where she worked in an art cafe), Northern Italy, Istanbul (where she worked as a nanny), and Tasmania (where she worked at an eco lodge). She also went to Oman, southeast Asia and Australia. As we listen to her story, we hear about the resources she used to make her dream travel a reality, and discover that this type of adventure might be more within reach than we think. Read More…

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Ep 11 | Danny Rivers Mitchell: Black Girls Travel Too

In episode 11 we hear the fascinating story of how a young girl from an underserved community in Mobile, Alabama became a world traveler who encourages other women of color to do the same through her travel company and online community Black Girls Travel Too. Listen and find out how one life changing moment led Danny to want to travel more – and help other women like her travel more too. Read More…I talk with Danny Rivers Mitchell from Black Girls Travel Too. She shares how a young girl from an under-served community in Alabama became a world traveler who now encourages other women of color to do the same. Find out how one life changing moment led Danny to want to travel more – and help other women like her travel more too.

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Kat Weiss - World Wide Honeymoon

Ep 10 | Kat Weiss: Travel Hacks Make Dream Honeymoons an Affordable Reality

I talk with fellow travel hacker, Kat Weiss, creator of World Wide Honeymoon – a blog and consulting service that helps couples turn dream honeymoons into affordable reality. We have a shared love (addiction) of travel hacking and I’m afraid we geek out a bit during this interview about our favorite hacks. It makes for a great episode full of useful tricks and tips for anyone wanting to find ways to travel more. Read More…

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Ep 9 | Annette Richmond: Fashionista, Digital Nomad and a Body Positive Voice for Plus Size Travelers

I talk with Annette Richmond, fashion stylist, writer, digital nomad and creator of Fat Girls Traveling – a body positive online community for larger women travelers. Not only am I inspired by all the traveling Annette is doing (and jealous of her nomad lifestyle), I’m also deeply inspired by her commitment to promoting a more diverse representation of travelers. Read More…

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Ep 8 | Beth Santos: Creating a Wanderful Community for Women Travelers

Meet Beth Santos, the passionate and dynamic founder and CEO of Wanderful, a global network for women who travel. Wanderful is a collaborative and inclusive community of women of all ages and backgrounds, who help one another travel the world. Their offerings include a homesharing platform, local chapters in 28 cities, events and organized trips. Read More…

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Ep 7 | Jessica Hansen: Doing Good through Social Impact Travel

I interview Jessica Hansen, Global Engagement Manager for Kiva and a lifelong traveler who is deeply committed to doing good in the world. She talks about what to look for when seeking to do good while traveling, what are red flags, and which organizations are doing incredible work in regards to social impact travel. She also shares some of her own personal travel journeys, and what led her to embark on a life of international service. Read More…