Get this dream out of your head and onto paper, and start making plans.

In the first episode of the Globetrotter Lounge, Katharine Harvey – project manager and Seattle native – shares the multiple ways she’s been able to spend more time at her travel destinations, immersing herself in a full cultural experience. Extended trips have become her top travel strategy – with month long stays in France, Peru, Argentina and Belize. Her story includes pet sitting, house swapping and living in Mexico for a year. She shares tips and resources – and outlines how she was able to make travel and living abroad a priority.

Check out Katharine’s blog at Americana Mexicana.

What you’ll learn as you listen:

  • Why extended travel is worth pursuing
  • The beauty of house swapping – free room & board and more
  • Incorporating volunteering and service work into trips
  • Ways to get grounded and connected while traveling
  • Networking still works in finding ways to travel cheaply
  • Pet sitting as a way to extend your stay
  • Facing your travel fears – and the fears of those around you
  • Travel as a solo woman – and as an American
  • How to get travel dreams out of your head and into reality


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