Travel can ultimately save your life. The reason why I’m where I am today … the reason why I have the access that I have today, the reason why I’m a better wife, a better mother, a better person, more compassionate, a bigger giver more patient – it’s because travel has saved me.

In this episode I talk with Danny Rivers Mitchell who shares how a young girl from an under-served community in Alabama became a world traveler who now encourages other women of color to do the same. She does this through her travel company, and popular online community, Black Girls Travel Too – which now has over 113,000 followers. Find out how one life changing moment led Danny to want to travel more – and help other women like her travel more too.

What you’ll learn

  • How Danny went from growing up in an underserved community to becoming a travel influencer
  • What sparked her to create Black Girls Travel Too (BGTT)
  • How BGTT is changing perceptions about African-American people and travel
  • What BGTT provides as a travel company
  • How Danny and I  both feel traveling to places in the world that represent the Africa diaspora as women of color
  • How she decides where to go on her BGTT trips, and how she prepares and does her research
  • Her vision for her new non-profit foundation dedicated to helping under served communities around the world
  • Some of her tips for traveling more – including where she finds cheap flights


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