If you want it bad enough you get to do it….We can make excuses all day long and find reasons not to. So really challenge yourself to find the way.

In Episode 12, artist, wine industry veteran and seasoned traveler Kristen Winn shares her inspiring story of a year spent traveling. Her epic solo journey took her to Iceland, Sweden, Norway (where she worked in an art cafe), Northern Italy, Istanbul (where she worked as a nanny), and Tasmania (where she worked at an eco lodge). She also went to Oman, southeast Asia and Australia. As we listen to her story, we hear about the resources she used to make her dream travel a reality, and discover that this type of adventure might be more within reach than we think.

About Kristen Winn

When she isn’t exploring the far reaches of the globe, you might find Kristen with pen in hand, sketching wheat fields or ocean shores in her home state of Washington. While her artwork is often black and white, it’s her life-long love affair with color that drives her to create. Her light-hearted style and playful sense of humor remind us to appreciate the simple joys of life, even when seas get rough.

You can view Kristen’s art on Instagram: Khiasa Design

What you’ll learn

  • What sparked her wanderlust
  • Her initial affordable yet fabulous travel adventures
  • What triggered her decision to travel the world for a year
  • How she planned and funded her trip
  • How she was able to work for room and board in various countries
  • What it’s like to travel alone as a woman
  • Tips for staying safe
  • How she found travel buddies when needed
  • Tips for navigating the challenges of long term travel
  • Her advice for doing something similar in your life


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