In episode 16 of the Globetrotter Lounge, traveling mama Iliah Grant-Altoro talks about how she has prioritized a life of travel for herself and three children (ages 10, 8 and 3). They have traveled to over 25 countries including Morocco, Malaysia, Thailand, Argentina and Iceland (to name a few). She chronicles her wandering lifestyle on her blog Negra Bohemian in hopes that other mothers will be inspired. 

Raised by a single mom in Minnesota, Iliah’s passion for travel started with the library books she read, through which she journeyed to foreign lands. As she puts it: “My library card was my passport.” When she finally went on her first international trip at 17 years old, a fire was ignited. And when she became a mother in her late 20s, she didn’t let her new responsibilities stifle her wanderlust.

During our conversation, Iliah shares how she’s redefined motherhood for herself – kicking the idea of limitations to the curb, and opening the door to a life of travel and adventure. She addresses fears that parents often have regarding international travel with kids, sharing her experiences, insights and tips. Join us as we talk about why travel with kids is worth the effort, and perhaps not as impossible as it seems.

What you’ll learn

  • What sparked her desire to travel and developed her global mindset
  • Her initial travel goals for her kids – and how they were quickly surpassed
  • How she views travel with young children
  • How she prepared her kids for a life of travel
  • Her top travel hack for traveling with kids
  • How she’s navigated fears about traveling internationally with young children
  • Why she’s considering homeschooling
  • Some of the benefits of traveling with children
  • Why it’s worth traveling with young kids, even if you suspect they may not remember later
  • Her thoughts on safety when traveling with children


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