In this episode I speak with Glory Ali, founder of Muslim Travel Rocks – a blog that encourages and motivates Muslims to explore the world, seeking to combat Islamophobia through travel. It also provides useful information about Halal and Muslim friendly destinations. Glory has been featured in Huffington Post, Halal Incorp and Khadija Magazine, and has been invited to speak at numerous national conferences, including the Women in Travel Summit and TravelCon. She also was the first Muslim travel blogger invited to attend the Going on Faith Conference in Ohio.

What I love about Glory is that she focuses on the positive, despite the many political and social challenges Muslims have had to face in our country. During our conversation she shares her personal experiences as a Muslim traveler, discusses the importance of raising children to be global citizens, and explains why she feels that America is still a welcoming place for Muslims. She also shares tips and advice for women wanting to travel more.

What you’ll learn

  • What sparked her love of travel
  • What prompted her to start Muslim Travel Rocks
  • What her blog provides for Muslim families & travelers
  • Why she really enjoys traveling to Canada
  • Why you shouldn’t overlook travel close to home
  • Some of the challenges she faces as a Muslim traveler
  • The importance of the kindness of strangers
  • Resources she’s gathered for Muslim travelers
  • Her advice for women who want to travel more, but feel like they can’t afford it
  • Why it’s important to raise children to be respectful global citizens


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