In episode 18 I speak with Jess Sanchez of The Jetsetting Family. She and her husband Rod sold everything, quit their jobs and embarked on a life of full-time travel with their two young children Santi (5 years old) and Nora (2 years old). Since launching in June 2018, they’ve traveled to the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.  Their blog, YouTube channel and podcast chronicle their adventures, providing inspiration and resources for other families who hope to do the same.

Jess shares how she and Rod made their goal a reality, how they currently support themselves financially, and what life on the road is like. She invites us to  “find the tiny crazy ” in our lives and push ourselves to adventure more – whether it’s a huge lifestyle change or simply dedicating ourselves to traveling more. Her inspiring story is proof that if you can dream it, you can do it.

What you’ll learn

  • About Jessica’s unique childhood experience that sparked her love of travel
  • How she traveled to 25 countries by the time she graduated from college
  • How life changed after she got married and had her first child
  • What led them to sell everything, quit their jobs and travel the world
  • Why keeping a tight timeline can help your plans come to fruition
  • How they financially prepared for their epic lifestyle change
  • What the business side of The Jetsetting Family looks like
  • What their podcast has added to their journey
  • Some of the challenges of full-time travel
  • Her favorite family-friendly destination so far
  • Their vision for the future (and where school fits in)
  • What she’s learned about herself since going on this adventure
  • Tips for families wanting to embark on a full-time travel lifestyle (or just travel more)


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