We are more capable of doing things than we think we are. It’s not as out of reach as we think.

In this episode I talk with international pet sitter Kelly Scott about how she has embarked on an adventure of a lifetime.  Only a year ago, she took the leap and quit her job, sold almost everything and headed out to travel the world, one pet sit at a time.  So far she has taken care of pets and homes in England, Switzerland, Dubai, New Zealand, and Australia. Her upcoming gigs include sits in Scotland, Spain and London.

Kelly shares the ins and outs of booking pet sitting gigs in different countries, what the job entails, and how to address some of the challenges that come up. The fact that she’s been able to turn pet sitting into a travel way of life is incredibly inspiring.  Tune in to find out more about this great way to see the world, and how you could do it too. I’m itching to try it myself!

Check out Kelly’s blog at:  sittingfromcitytosea.com. You can also follow her pet sitting adventures on Instagram and Facebook.

What You’ll Learn

  • Why international pet sitting is a great way to travel more for less
  • The benefits of staying in people’s homes while traveling
  • Which pets are easiest to sit
  • How much to budget for this type of lifestyle
  • Some ideas for supporting yourself financially while pet sitting
  • The importance of creating a social network when traveling solo
  • How to get started and tips for landing gigs
  • How traveling extensively has changed Kelly’s inner world


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