In this episode I share how I found a way to travel more – and ended up saving over $100K in travel costs in only six years. Earning millions of airline miles and hotel points through credit card sign-up bonuses has changed my life – making travel more affordable and attainable.  I also share travel stories and resources – and bust a few myths along the way.

What You’ll Learn

  • When my travel bug started
  • How I initially managed to travel while building career and family
  • What I love about travel
  • What led me to try “travel hacking” in 2012
  • What travel hacking is and how it works
  • How opening many travel reward cards actually led to an improved credit score (and no debt or paying interest rates)
  • How earning tons of miles and points has changed my life
  • What kind of trips I’ve been able to take now that I consistently have over a million miles and points
  • Why I started the Globetrotter Lounge podcast
  • What coaching and podcasting has brought to my life


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Photo by Will Austin

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