Episode 23 is the start of a new run. I kick off Season 2 by having a conversation with my 8 year old niece Leah (recorded while vacationing last Christmas in Mexico). It’s short and sweet— and all about travel of course.  After we talk, I share about my travel role models as a kid, plus give some updates  including a recent big change in my life related to travel, finances and podcasting. I wrap up with my current travel goals, where you can find me in 2019, a fun announcement and more.  

This season I’ll be adding a short segment at the end of each guest interview where I’ll either share a quick travel hack or answer listener questions – so if there’s something you want to know about racking up airline miles and hotel points, drop me a line at lisette@jetsetlisette.com or on social media: @jetsetsetlisette.  

What You’ll Learn

  • Leah’s thoughts on traveling, Mexico, and making new friends – and where she wants to go next
  • Upcoming guests for this season
  • Who my travel role models were as a kid
  • What my 2019 travel plans are
  • Conferences I’ll be attending (and speaking at) this year
  • My current travel goals (trying to stay accountable!)
  • Fun announcement about the Globetrotter Lounge podcast
  • How you can participate in Season 2

2019 Conference List

Give me a heads up if we’ll be in the same place at the same time!

WanderFest, Austin TX, Feb 1-3 (Speaker)
Women’s Travel Fest, New York, NY, March 8-10
Women in Travel Summit, Portland, ME, May 3-5 (Speaker)
Podcast Movement, Orlando, FL, Aug 13-16
FinCon, Washington, DC, Sept 4-7

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Photo by Will Austin

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