When you travel with purpose….. you can be transformed.

I talk with Suzanne Lacey, founder and Executive Director of Museum Without Walls, which for 17 years has been providing middle and high school students unique travel opportunities to explore accounts of intolerance and racism at the sites where they happened. The non-profit organization’s vision is to educate and inspire students to become informed, engaged and motivated leaders who are emboldened to promote social justice in our communities.

Along with her work leading civil and human rights trips, Suzzanne also started Sterling Silver Tours, which leads regular group tours to the U.K. Originally inspired by and based on the popular show Downtown Abbey, it now features the “Queen’s Tour” as it’s centerpiece travel experience.

Join our conversation as we explore meaningful travel that leads to understanding and transformation, the challenges and benefits that come with traveling for work, and thoughts on traveling as a woman of color.  (And of course it wouldn’t be a Globetrotter Lounge episode without some tips for booking affordable travel.)

What you’ll learn

  • What led to her start leading civil rights history trips
  • Information about her organization, Museum Without Walls
  • Travel as a way to deepen our understanding about history
  • Some challenges around traveling for work
  • How she started a second travel-related business leading tours to the U.K.
  • How her work and travel experiences have changed her
  • Tips for booking affordable hotels and flights
  • Thoughts on traveling as a woman of color


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