I talk with Annette Richmond, fashion stylist, writer, digital nomad and creator of Fat Girls Traveling – a body positive online community for larger women travelers. Not only am I inspired by all the traveling Annette is doing (and jealous of her nomad lifestyle), I’m also deeply inspired by her commitment to promoting a more diverse representation of travelers. Her community is shattering stereotypes and the notion that travel is only for thin people. It also provides a supportive environment where women can share experiences, advice and resources – and encourage each other to travel more. During our conversation Annette shares how she started traveling more herself, why she started Fat Girls Traveling, and great tips for travelers of any size.

About Annette Richmond

Along with writing for her own blog, Annette is a contributor for PopSugar, Ravishly and The Fat Girls Guide. She’s been featured in many publications including; Teen Vogue, Allure, Self, Shape, El le UK, The Mic, Refinery29, Hello Giggles, and Yahoo Style. A self-proclaimed Fat Girl, Richmond is a staunch supporter of the Body Positive Movement. From dressing top models and celebrities to trend and color forecasting, Annette has had every imaginable job in the fashion industry over the last ten years. Currently a Senior Stylist at Stitch Fit, she has styled thousands of women – and her work has been seen in music videos, magazines and on the red carpet. Traveling is her latest obsession. She’s visited 18 countries in the last 3 years and writes about her adventures as a Fat Black Woman traveling the world.  She is a voice for Fat Fashionistas and Fat Travelers everywhere.

What you’ll learn

  • How she ended up working in the fashion industry
  • How she transitioned to becoming a digital nomad and working remotely
  • What led her to create Fat Girls Traveling, a blog and community in support of curvy/plus-size/fat women travelers
  • The need for more diverse representation in the travel industry
  • Why she uses the word “fat” liberally and her quest to break negative stereotypes and feelings tied to that word
  • All about Fat Camp 2018  – happening August 24-27
  • Where she is traveling next
  • Great travel tips for women travelers of any size
  • Specific communities/groups for plus size women travelers
  • Any body is a bikini body ?


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