In this episode I talk with Nadeen White, creator of The Sophisticated Life blog. A blogger by day and physician by night, she manages to throw travel into the mix. She’s also found time to author two travel guide ebooks, and is about to release a third. Nadeen shares how she makes travel a priority, where she finds great deals for local and international adventures, and offers tips for anyone interested in adding more travel to their life.

What You’ll Learn

  • Nadeen’s background and why she became interested in traveling 
  • Why she decided she wanted to visit one new place every year 
  • How she is able to balance travel with her career 
  • How being a hospitalist allows her the flexibility and finances to travel
  • How often she travels (with and without her husband)
  • How she prioritizes and budgets for travel 
  • Why she started a “Travel Guide” section on her blog    
  • How travel has expanded her tolerance and compassion for others
  • Encouragement for those who want to travel more                                                                                                         

About Nadeen White

Nadeen considers herself a “Blogger by Day, Physician by Night”. She has over 20 years of experience as a pediatrician and over 6 years of experience as a content creator. Her award-winning travel blog The Sophisticated Life is dedicated to affordable luxury travel and culinary travel (food and wine). Nadeen’s eBooks Travel Guides to Your Favorite Destinations and USA Wine Guide for Travelers are both available on Amazon. Her third eBook, Culinary Travel Guides: Food & WIne, will be released this summer. She hopes to inspire others to follow their passion and start traveling around the world.

Say hi to Nadeen on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter or visit her website at

Resources Mentioned

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  1. Thank you for having me on your podcast! I love sharing my story with others and I hope that it inspires people to get out there and see the world!

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