Meet Samantha Nelson – mom, wife, traveler and writer. In 2014, she and her husband embarked on a year of spontaneous travel with their two young children, a journey that ultimately changed their lives for the better. They now help other families travel through their blog, Those Crazy Nelsons. Samantha talks about what sparked her love of travel, her experience being stuck in a draining job for almost a decade, and how she finally created a life centered around family and travel. She also shares what some of the challenges were, and why they were completely worth it.

What You’ll Learn

  • What sparked her love of travel
  • How she ended up living abroad as a young adult
  • Why she was unhappy in her career
  • What ultimately pushed her to quit her job
  • Where the idea to travel for a year came from
  • What traveling without a major plan was like
  • What the biggest challenge was along the way
  • Where they went during their year on the road
  • What her favorite travel moment was
  • How her family adventure has positively impacted her life
  • What they are doing now in Nashville
  • Her tips for others wanting to take the leap and travel more

About Those Crazy Nelsons

Those Crazy Nelsons inspire busy families to travel. They can be found around Nashville, TN, chatting about the benefits of family travel and encouraging families to avoid waiting for retirement before living an engaged life. In 2014, they traded their mortgage for memories, selling their home and reducing their belongings to one carry-on each. With one child in college and the other two being homeschooled, they hit the road for a year, moving every 30 days to a new location. Now, they write travel stories for families, highlighting destinations for their audience and inspiring families to reconnect one road trip at a time. You can find their travel articles at and

You can say hi to Samantha on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

Resources Mentioned

Tourism Worx

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