Meet Caitlin Blythe, an entrepreneur who turned her passion for travel into a thriving business. In 2017 she launched Waypoint Goods, selling her signature travel scarf, and eventually left her full-time architecture job to create a completely new lifestyle. Caitlin shares her early experiences with international and solo travel, what led her to start her business and how being an entrepreneur has brought more travel into her life. She and her husband have also created a fun way to travel more domestically.

What You’ll Learn

  • How travel was a part of her childhood
  • What sparked her love of international travel
  • How she traveled during her architecture studies
  • Why she left her career as an architect
  • What inspired her business idea
  • What it took to launch Waypoint Goods
  • How she designs her scarves
  • How becoming an entrepreneur has impacted her travel life
  • What some of the challenges have been
  • What some of the “highs’” of entrepreneurship have been
  • How her architecture background informs her travel experiences and product design
  • How solo travel has changed her life
  • Why her travel scarf is actually quite useful at home
  • What her next big adventure is
  • How she regularly road trips with her husband
  • Her tips for women wanting to travel more

About Caitlin Blythe

Caitlin is the founder of Waypoint Goods, which creates unique, fashion-forward travel (and lifestyle) accessories for women that are passionate about discovering the world around them. The Infinity Travel Scarf keeps your phone, passport wallet, keys and other essentials safely concealed in a hidden pocket. She takes inspiration for her scarf designs from her travels, and the result is beautiful, stylish and functional. Caitlin loves the unexpected moments and spontaneous solutions that make life such an adventure.

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This episode was generously sponsored by Waypoint Goods. Caitlin is offering Globetrotter Lounge podcast listeners a 15% discount when purchasing one of her fabulous travel scarves! Simply visit and enter the code JETSET at checkout.

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