Meet Olga Maria, an award-winning solo female traveler whose blog, Dreams in Heels, features adventure and luxury travel, food and wine, and budget tips. She hopes to inspire women to pursue their travel and lifestyle dreams. She is also the creator of Latinas Who Travel, a bilingual travel community that empowers Latinas to travel more.

Olga shares about her journey from bullied small town girl in Puerto Rico to full time writer and world traveler, why she travels in heels, and many of her favorite destinations. She also talks about why she started Latinas Who Travel, and what she loves about solo travel.

What You’ll Learn

  • What sparked Olga’s travel dreams
  • Why she left Puerto Rico and moved to New York
  • How she started traveling as young adult
  • Her initial career path and how it led to travel writing
  • Why she created Latinas who Travel
  • Her advice for those wanting to travel more
  • Why she thinks solo travel is particularly transformative
  • Where she is currently living and her upcoming projects
  • Her thoughts on traveling as a woman of color
  • Why she usually feels safe as a solo woman traveler
  • What she loves about Ukraine
  • Some of her favorite destinations (and book)
  • Her travel essentials

About Olga Maria

Dreams in Heels is the story of a small town girl raised in Bayamon, Puerto Rico who is living her dreams in heels around the world. Olga Maria went from working in an office full-time, to working the red carpet at fashion week, and then becoming a full-time travel writer/digital nomad and a citizen of the world. She shares her experiences living in different locations around the world as a solo female traveler, finding style in every culture. Her goal is to motivate you to go and experience the world for yourself. Where to next?!

Find out more about Olga on her website, Dreams in Heels, and say hi to her on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. You can also explore the Latinas Who Travel website, and join their Facebook community.

Resources Mentioned

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

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