Bonus episode! I recently went to Wanderful’s first Women in Travel Summit Europe in Riga, Latvia where I had the opportunity to capture the diverse experiences and insights (and accents) of multiple travelers. In this episode I talk with Jennifer Fein (You Live to Travel), Lavina DeSousa (Continent Hop), Jamie-Lee Abtar (The Travel Marketer) and Tegan Wylie (The Travel Curve). They share what brought them to WITS Europe, recent adventures and projects, and how travel has changed their lives. They also share some of their favorite tips and travel tools. Episode 42 features the remaining four interviews, so be sure to check that out.

What You’ll Learn

  • Where they are currently based
  • What brought them to the Women in Travel Summit
  • How travel has transformed their lives.
  • Tips for women wanting to travel more
  • Their favorite travel tools and resources
  • And more…

About Jennifer Fein

After years of building digital products as an engineer and product manager for others, Jennifer Fein is now determined to make software that empowers passionate people to create unique group travel businesses. She met her You Live to Travel co-founder Bron at a shehacks event in Melbourne. Together they are building YouLi, the platform for group leaders that want to change the way travellers see the world. Jennifer is also the co-author of Ready to Launch? Becoming an Entrepreneur in Australia. You can find out more about the You Live to Travel (YouLi) software on their website, and say hi to Jennifer on Facebook or Instagram.

About Lavina DeSousa

Lavina did not quit her job to travel! She’s an Engineer who works 9-5 and loves travelling, writing, design and photography. A work opportunity came calling, so she packed her belongings and moved to Britain with husband in tow in 2014. Being perpetually fascinated by other cultures, places and people, they have channeled their earnings and holidays into tripping around Europe and wherever else their hearts take them. Over 46 countries later, Lavina show others through her blog Continent Hop that you can be passionate about travel and have all the adventures you wish, even if you work full-time. You can learn more at and say to Lavina on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

About Jamie-Lee Abtar

One of TTG’s 30 under 30 Travel Leaders for 2016/17, Jamie-Lee Abtar is a travel marketer, brand builder and creative innovator. A regular speaker on topical travel issues, Jamie-Lee has a history of helping travel brands to build strong profitable relationships, conceptualising and executing innovative ideas to drive their business. With a proud Caribbean heritage and as a determined advocate for the Caribbean region, Jamie-Lee has spearheaded research into the Diaspora travel market in partnership with The Voice newspaper, challenging misconceptions about Afro/Caribbean travellers. Through Jamie-Lee’s work as the Business Development Manager for the Caribbean Tourism Organisation–UK Chapter, Jamie-Lee strives to develop greater awareness of the Caribbean and maximise marketing and PR opportunities for its members. You can connect with Jamie-Lee on LinkedIn and Instagram.

About Tegan Wylie

Tegan Aileen Wylie is a Canadian style and travel influencer living in France. She is a vocal advocate for body positivity, on a mission to empower curvy women of all ages to travel the world whilst feeling and looking their best. Tegan founded The Travel Curve in 2016 after finding a disappointing lack of travel + travel fashion advice for full figured women. She is an in-demand stylist for full-figured women, a brand ambassador for fashion designer Diane Kroe and has collaborated with Travel Fashion Girl on various projects. She was recently featured by Matador as one of the top 10 female travellers who don’t let their curves get in the way of adventure. You can find out more about Tegan on her blog, The Travel Curve, and say hi to her on Facebook or Instagram.

Resources Mentioned

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