Bonus episode! This is part 2 of my interviews with women I met at the Women in Travel Summit in Riga, Latvia earlier this month. I talk with Carly Hulls (Austrian Adaptation, Coffee with Carly), Tayo Jaiyesimi (The Five to Nine Traveller), Stefanie Bielekova (Postcards from Stef), and Michelle Olorunda (Pearls of Bay). They share what brought them to WITS Europe, recent adventures and projects, and how travel has changed their lives. They also share some of their favorite tips and travel tools. If you haven’t heard part 1, listen to episode 41 where I explain about WITS and why I’m passionate about the Wanderful community.

What You’ll Learn

  • Where they are currently based
  • What brought them to the Women in Travel Summit
  • How travel has transformed their lives.
  • Tips for women wanting to travel more
  • Their favorite travel tools and resources
  • And more…

About Carly Hulls

Carly is a blogger, podcast host & startup survivor, who focuses on slow travel & life in Vienna, Austria via her blog, Austrian Adaptation. As former Head of Global Sales at TourRadar and self-confessed brunch addict and coffee snob, she has amassed 10 years experience within the travel industry, winning a Stevie Award for women in business in 2019. Carly contributes regularly to Lonely Planet & Forbes Travel about her adopted hometown and is also host of the Coffee with Carly Podcast, chatting with small business owners and creative entrepreneurs over coffee in Vienna. Say hi to Carly on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

About Tayo Jaiyesimi

Tayo is just a regular gal with a job (as a pharmacist) who exhibits off-the-scale delight when she travels and explores! Tayo loves travelling as it appeals to her inner childhood of being an explorer and finding something new in her surroundings, be it in the city where she lives or a new destination. She hopes to inspire others with full-time jobs to travel through her blog, The Five to Nine Traveller. She also develops customised itinerary plans for busy folks. You can say hi to Tayo on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

About Stefanie Bielekova

“Home is where the pajamas is!” That’s Stef’s motto. And these days her pajamas are tucked snugly in Seattle, USA. That’s where Stefanie Bielekova is based as a travel advisor, speaker, and tour guide for Rick Steves’ Europe. In previous life chapters, Stef spent seven years working aboard cruise ships and four studying abroad in Germany. She’s lived in five countries on three continents, traveled to 80+ countries, and has sailed around the world five times. You could say she is travel obsessed, but the underlying motive is a desire to connect across cultures. Find out more on her blog, Postcards from Steph, and say hi on Instagram

About Michelle Olorunda

Michelle Olorunda’s UK based travel and lifestyle blog, Pearls of Bay, aims to inspire, inform and share travel tips. Michelle also works as a senior neurological physiotherapist and feels lucky to have a job she loves. Some of her articles touch upon the physical and health aspect of travel as this is important to her. She also has a passion for headwraps, which are not only excellent protective head wear in hot or cold climates, but also add a touch of style to any travel outfit. Say hi to Michelle on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, and view her videos on YouTube.

Resources Mentioned

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