Meet Petronella Lugemwa, founder of Petronella Photography, an award-winning international wedding photography studio that specializes in multicultural and interracial couples. Based in New York, her work has taken her around the world and has been featured in Essence magazine, Martha Stewart Weddings and more. Petronella shares what sparked her wanderlust, how she got into wedding photography, and some favorite travel adventures. She also talks about navigating the pandemic and the current focus on anti-racism.

What You’ll Learn

  • What sparked Petronella’s love of travel
  • How she started traveling on her own as a young woman
  • Her career journey from engineering to corporate business, and ultimately photography
  • How she ended up going on a “mystery trip”
  • Why she started a wedding photography business
  • Her focus on multicultural weddings and honoring heritage
  • Where her work has taken her around the world
  • How she got started as a speaker
  • How she is coping with not being able to travel
  • Her response to the current focus on anti-racism
  • One of her favorite travel experiences
  • How has travel changed her
  • Her top tip for travel photography

About Petronella Lugemwa

Petronella Lugemwa is a speaker, storyteller, writer and the Founder of Petronella Photography, an award-winning international wedding and marriage proposal photography studio based out of the New York area that specializes in helping multicultural, interracial or mixed couples celebrate their love in a modern way and believes that what makes you different makes you beautiful. She was named a Rising Star in wedding photography worldwide and photographed the Nov 2018 magazine cover. Her work has been featured in The Knot, Essence, Martha Stewart Weddings and MunaLuchi Bride. She loves traveling and has traveled to 6 continents & over 17 countries including Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia.

You can find out more about Petronella on her website, and say hi to her on Instagram, Facebook and/or Twitter.

Resources Mentioned

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