Meet Sierra Redmond, military spouse and creator of the Daily Impressions Lifestyle blog which encourages military families to travel and explore from where they are stationed. She also hopes to inspire families in general by providing information about accessible domestic and international travel. Sierra shares what sparked her wanderlust, what military family life is like, and why the military can offer unique travel opportunities. She also talks about traveling during the pandemic, including an extended road trip, flying and hotel stays.

What You’ll Learn

  • What sparked Sierra’s love of travel
  • How being a military spouse has informed her travel
  • Why she started the Daily Impressions Lifestyle Blog
  • Why she decided to pursue a Master’s Degree in Travel and Tourism
  • Where she and her husband have been stationed so far
  • Why they enjoyed living in Miami in particular
  • More about her blog and what it offers
  • Some  advantages of being a military family in regards to travel
  • What it was like to take an extended road trip during the pandemic
  • About flying during the pandemic – precautions, protocols and procedures
  • Why they are currently living in a hotel in Las Vegas
  • How travel has changed her

About Sierra Redmond

Sierra Redmond is a Travel Industry Expert, Digital Content Creator and Military Spouse Entrepreneur. She created the Daily Impressions Lifestyle blog in 2017. Sierra has spent many years in both the media and travel industry, and through her blog and freelance writing has found away to merge those two worlds. Sierra holds an undergraduate degree in Mass Communications Tv/Radio, as well as a Masters Degree in Travel and Tourism from Temple University’s School of Sport, Travel and Hospitality Management. Travel media is her true passion she strives to produce top notch content that inspires audiences to travel and explore the world around them. Sierra is the wife of an active duty service member, and mother to a four year old son.

You can find out more about Sierra via her blog, and say hi to her on Facebook or Instagram.

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