Meet traveler, friend and former colleague Robin Little Wing Sigo, a member of the Suquamish Tribe. Her community is located near Seattle, in fact the city itself was named after famous Suquamish leader Chief Seattle. Robin is Director of the Suquamish Foundation, sits on Tribal Council, and travels frequently to represent her community. Robin talks about what led her into political work, travel with purpose and the importance of cultural humility, the annual Tribal Canoe Journeys and more. She also shares about her international trips, that time she hugged President Obama, and why home is still her favorite place on Earth.

What You’ll Learn

  • What sparked her desire to travel
  • About her childhood travel experiences
  • How the pandemic has changed her perspective on travel
  • Her first big travel experience, and how it inspired her dedication to politics and representing her community
  • Some not so fun moments traveling as an Indigenous woman
  • About the Suquamish Tribe and why she always loves coming home
  • How she finds ways to explore while traveling for work
  • Her experiences at the White House (including meeting President Obama)
  • Why Washington DC has been central in her travel life
  • About the Healing of the Canoe Project and related travel
  • The gift of travel with purpose
  • The importance of cultural humility when traveling
  • About the annual Pacific Northwest Tribal Canoe Journeys
  • Her recent experience in Bali
  • Our joint experience traveling to New Zealand
  • How travel has changed her

About Robin Little Wing Sigo

Tribal Councilwoman, researcher, story catcher and mom to four incredible humans. Indigenous traveler for work, social justice and to fulfill her ancestors desire to connect, enjoy and learn from others. #InspiredNativeNotNativeInspired

You can find out more about Robin Sigo’s work on the Suquamish Foundation and Sovereign Style websites, and say hi to her on Instagram or Facebook.

Resources Mentioned

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