In this episode I talk with Nisreene Atassi, Senior Director of Global Communications at Expedia, and host of the Expedia podcast, Out Travel the System. Nisreene shares what sparked her love of travel, how she ended up living in Dubai, information about the Out Travel the System podcast and much more. She also talks about why she values and encourages heritage travel, and shares resources and tips to help you successfully navigate travel during a pandemic.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Her travel experiences as a young adult
  • Why getting lost can help you find the trip you REALLY want
  • The benefits of last-minute travel planning
  • How taking a leap of can change your life for the better
  • Why a great trip starts with the right mentality
  • How the Out Travel the System Podcast can help you plan travel
  • The value that heritage travel can bring to your life
  • About the Expedia Travel Advisor
  • What you need to know before booking a trip during the pandemic
  • Why having flexibility in trip planning is a must
  • What she has to say about self care

About Nisreene Atassi

Nisreene Atassi has been with Expedia Group as the Senior Director of Global communications for Brand Expedia for almost four years. She is the host of Expedia’s podcast, Out Travel the System and has nearly 20 years of working in the communications marketing space. A Chicago-native, Nisreene received a BS focused in Communications from Loyola University of Chicago and a minor in French Literature. Before joining Expedia, Nisreene was living in Dubai working in the travel and tourism sector for nearly 2 years before eventually re-locating to Seattle, WA where she now calls home.

You can learn more about Nisreene Atassi through her podcast, and follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

Resources Mentioned

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