I’m one of those people who wears many hats. I worked as a research project coordinator for over a decade. I was a freelance writer for equally as long. I run a web design business. I also dance semi-professionally, and am a mother and a wife. Throughout all of that, I’ve loved to travel. I’ve always found ways to keep traveling no matter what, making it a priority in my life. And I’ve discovered that I love helping others keep travel on the front burner too. That’s what my podcast The Globetrotter Lounge is all about. And the award travel coaching services that I offer.

What is travel coaching?

Travel is transformative. Not only do you get to experience new cultures, people and locations,  you also get to discover more about yourself as you step outside your regular routine. Travel is an opportunity for gaining new perspectives that inform your life at home. As our modern lifestyles become more hectic, more people are taking a hard look at how they are living and what truly matters.  Many want the adventure, respite and growth that travel offers, but actually making it happen in the midst of all the chaos can feel daunting.

A travel coach can help you achieve your travel goals by exploring ways to make travel more attainable. Travel coaches pull from their extensive travel experience to help guide others – providing ideas, resources and strategies to make dream travel a concrete reality.

My area of expertise is award travel – making travel more affordable by earning airline miles and hotel points. I can also help with the sometimes difficult task of booking award travel.  Although I don’t create specific travel itineraries or act as a traditional travel agent, I help people save thousands of dollars in travel costs through travel hacking and other creative strategies.

I also coach people who are looking for ways to shift their mindset about travel. Many want to travel more, but feel like they can’t because of work schedules, family responsibilities and/or cost. Others have concerns around safety. I help people to redefine what it means to travel, and realize that many perceived limitations can be successfully overcome.

I’ve been helping people to travel more since 2013, and I love what I do. To find out more, check out my coaching services page.  I also talk about my travel hacking journey and how I help others in this interview on the Jetsetting Family podcast – it’s a quick listen.

What would help you travel more? I’d love to hear your feedback – and I’d be happy to answer any questions you might have. Please leave comments below.

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