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Ep 29 | Mickela Mallozzi: Traveling the World One Dance at a Time

n this episode I’m very honored to sit down with Mickela Mallozi, Emmy Award-winning host of the PBS travel and dance series Bare Feet. Mickela shares her amazing journey from unknown dancer to successful TV host, what travel means to her, and what to expect from the upcoming third season of Bare Feet.

Ep 28 | Reyna Walters-Morgan: Eliminating Barriers to Travel

In this episode, I interview Reyna Walters-Morgan, traveler, attorney and podcaster with 34 countries (and counting) under her belt. As producer and host of the Travel Quips Podcast, she explores the latest in travel trends, opinions, etiquette and advice. Reyna shares why she started traveling, the life-changing event that sparked her love of travel, and her goal of helping eliminate travel barriers for others.

Ep 27 | Portia Smith: Travel Blogger, Experience Advocate & Mom

Portia Smith is a travel blogger, wife and mom to two beautiful girls. She is the creator of the blog Obsessed by Portia, which is all about family, couple, and girlfriend travel, and offers tips and resources. In this episode, we talk about how moms (like us) should engage in more solo travel and ditch the kids AND the guilt. Portia also shares why she started a blog, how she’s grown it into a successful business, her tips for growing a social media following, how she cultivates sponsored trips, and much more.

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