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Dmitra Smith

Ep 59 | D’mitra Smith: Taking a Break from the United States

I talk with D’mitra Smith, a talented musician, civil rights activist and most recently former Chair of the Sonoma County Commission on Human Rights. D’mitra shares about early transformative experiences abroad, the intersection of travel and human rights, and traveling while Black. She also shares what led her to decide to move to France, some lesser known truths about that country’s history, and what it’s been like so far to live abroad. Read More…

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Nisreene Atassi: Out Travel the System

Ep 58 | Nisreene Atassi: Out Travel the System

In this episode I talk with Nisreene Atassi, Senior Director of Global Communications at Expedia, and host of the Expedia podcast, Out Travel the System. Nisreene shares what sparked her love of travel, how she ended up living in Dubai, information about the Out Travel the System podcast and much more. She also talks about why she values and encourages heritage travel, and shares resources and tips to help you successfully navigate travel during a pandemic. Read More…

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Ep 57 | Solo Episode: Traveling My Roots

Although I planned to end the Globetrotter Lounge podcast at the end of last year, some personal events over the last year inspired me to produce one more, final season. I share what led me to that decision, and give a preview of upcoming guests and topics. I also announce my new podcast project, Traveling My Roots, which will document my travels to where my adoptive and biological ancestors are from. Along the way I will explore Black history, the immigrant experience, the complexities of adoption and being biracial – and ultimately my own identity. Read More…