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Ep 41 | Women in Travel Summit Europe: Part 1

Bonus episode! I recently got back from Wanderful’s first Women in Travel Summit Europe in Riga, Latvia where I had the opportunity to capture the diverse experiences and insights (and accents) of multiple travelers. In this episode I talk with Jennifer Fein (You Live to Travel), Lavina DeSousa (Continent Hop), Jamie-Lee Abtar (The Travel Marketer) and Tegan Wylie (The Travel Curve). They share what brought them to WITS Europe, recent adventures and projects, and how travel has changed their lives. They also share favorite tips and travel tools. Read More…

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Ep 40 | Olga Maria: Latina Travel Writer in Heels

Meet Olga Maria, an award-winning solo female traveler whose blog, Dreams in Heels, features adventure and luxury travel, food and wine, and budget tips. She hopes to inspire women to pursue their travel and lifestyle dreams. She is also the creator of Latinas Who Travel, a bilingual travel community that empowers Latinas to travel more. Olga shares her journey from bullied small town girl in Puerto Rico to full time world traveler, why she started Latinas Who Travel, and what she loves about solo travel. Read More…

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Ep 38 | Rachel Rudwall: Storytelling Adventures Around the Globe

Meet Rachel Rudwall, Emmy-Nominated On-Camera Host, Producer, Camera Operator, Writer and Photographer. Her work has taken her to all seven continents and nearly 70 nations. From TV hosting for the Travel Channel, to producing shows like Ice Road Truckers and Ax Men, Rachel is always up for a storytelling adventure. Rachel shares what led to her working in media, what the challenges and rewards have been, and how travel has increased her ability to connect. She also shares her top tips for navigating jet lag, her favorite travel essentials, and one special story that I may turn into a t-shirt. Read More…

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Caitlin Blythe Bio

Ep 36 | Caitlin Blythe: Turning Wanderlust into a Travel Business

Meet Caitlin Blythe, an entrepreneur who turned her passion for travel into a thriving business. In 2017 she launched Waypoint Goods, selling her signature travel scarf, and eventually left her full-time architecture job to create a completely new lifestyle. Caitlin shares her early experiences with international and solo travel, what led her to start her business and how being an entrepreneur has brought more travel into her life. She and her husband have also created a fun way to travel more domestically. Read More…

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Ep 35 | Sojourner White: Content Creator & Traveling Scholar

Meet Sojourner White – world traveler, content creator and international social work graduate student. Her blog, Sojournies, offers resources and tips on on balancing travel with work and/or school, and explores personal topics like traveling while Black. Sojourner shares about the international experience that sparked her passion for travel, how she landed a Fulbright Scholar Assistantship and worked abroad, and her unusual graduate degree track. She also shares why travel has helped her identify more deeply with her name. Read More…

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Phoebe Howlett - Portrait with Flowers

Ep 33 | Phoebe Howlett: From Chronic Illness to World Travel

Meet Phoebe Howlett, a solo traveler from the U.K. who at age 21 was diagnosed with two chronic illnesses. After thinking she could never travel or work again, Phoebe managed to find her way back to wellness. She is now on a mission to travel to every country in the world, and is currently at 66 countries and counting. Phoebe shares details about her journey into chronic illness, how travel has become a part of her recovery, and the importance of self care while on the road. Read More…

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Ep 31 | Summer Slevin: Traveling the United States National Parks

I sit down with Summer Slevin who is traveling and living in a van for two years, visiting every national park in the United States. She’s also the host of the Nat Park Stories podcast. She shares why and how she embarked on her journey, what life in a van is like, great stories about the parks and people she’s met along the way and so much more. Read More…

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Erica Virvo with monkey in South Africa

Ep 26 | Erica Virvo: Five Years of International Travel & Adventure

Erica Virvo spent 5 years studying and working in obscure countries in the Middle East, Asia, the Caribbean, and Africa. She shares how she got started on a life of travel (even though she didn’t grow up traveling), how she managed to finance one incredible travel experience after another, how travel has changed her life, and lots of fun adventures. Read More…