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Nikki Vargas: Unearth Women

Ep 62 | Nikki Vargas: Celebrating Travel & Women’s Stories

In this episode, I talk with Nikki Vargas, a travel editor, author, video producer and public speaker based in New York City. She is the Founding Editor and Co-Founder of Unearth Women, a unique publication that celebrates travel and women’s stories. Nikki is also an editor for Fodor’s Travel, and her bylines have appeared in VICE, Food & Wine, Roads & Kingdoms, Cosmopolitan, and more. Nikki shares what sparked her love of travel, what led her to become a travel writer and editor, why her family left Colombia, and what drew her back. She also talks about co-founding Unearth Women, what it offers to travelers, and about her related book that will be published in early 2022. Read More…

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Ep 54 | Kim Haas: Afro-Latino Travels

I talk with Kim Haas, Executive Producer, host and creator of the new PBS travel series Afro-Latino Travels with Kim Haas. The series celebrates the historical and cultural contributions of Latin America’s African descendants, and premieres September 12 with a two-part special featuring Costa Rica. Kim talks about what sparked her love of travel, her work in Spanish media, and what led her to create the show. She also shares how she overcame funding challenges, how she’s navigating the pandemic, and how travel has changed her. Read More…

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Ep 40 | Olga Maria: Latina Travel Writer in Heels

Meet Olga Maria, an award-winning solo female traveler whose blog, Dreams in Heels, features adventure and luxury travel, food and wine, and budget tips. She hopes to inspire women to pursue their travel and lifestyle dreams. She is also the creator of Latinas Who Travel, a bilingual travel community that empowers Latinas to travel more. Olga shares her journey from bullied small town girl in Puerto Rico to full time world traveler, why she started Latinas Who Travel, and what she loves about solo travel. Read More…