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Nisreene Atassi: Out Travel the System

Ep 58 | Nisreene Atassi: Out Travel the System

In this episode I talk with Nisreene Atassi, Senior Director of Global Communications at Expedia, and host of the Expedia podcast, Out Travel the System. Nisreene shares what sparked her love of travel, how she ended up living in Dubai, information about the Out Travel the System podcast and much more. She also talks about why she values and encourages heritage travel, and shares resources and tips to help you successfully navigate travel during a pandemic. Read More…

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Ep 37 | Danielle Desir: Making Travel a Financial Priority

Meet financially savvy traveler Danielle Desir. She is the force behind the Thought Card, an award winning travel finance blog and podcast. She is also founder of the WOC Podcasters Facebook community, which supports over 2100 women of color. Danielle shares how she started traveling internationally, how she kept travel a financial priority while paying off student loans and buying a house, and her favorite travel resources and budget strategies. She also shares about becoming a podcaster and book author. Read More…

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Jet Set Lisette - Playa Larga, Zihuatanejo

Ep 22 | Solo Episode: Saving $100K in Costs through Travel Hacking

In this episode I share how I found a way to travel more – and ended up saving over $100K in travel costs in only six years. Earning millions of airline miles and hotel points through credit card sign-up bonuses has changed my life – making travel more affordable and attainable. It also led to one of my greatest passions: helping others make dream travel a reality. I also share travel stories and resources – and bust a few myths along the way.Read More…

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Kristen Winn in Sa Pa, Vietnam

Ep 12 | Kristen Winn: Traveling the World for a Year

Artist, wine industry veteran and seasoned traveler Kristen Winn shares her inspiring story of a year spent traveling. Her epic solo journey took her to Iceland, Sweden, Norway (where she worked in an art cafe), Northern Italy, Istanbul (where she worked as a nanny), and Tasmania (where she worked at an eco lodge). She also went to Oman, southeast Asia and Australia. As we listen to her story, we hear about the resources she used to make her dream travel a reality, and discover that this type of adventure might be more within reach than we think. Read More…

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Kat Weiss - World Wide Honeymoon

Ep 10 | Kat Weiss: Travel Hacks Make Dream Honeymoons an Affordable Reality

I talk with fellow travel hacker, Kat Weiss, creator of World Wide Honeymoon – a blog and consulting service that helps couples turn dream honeymoons into affordable reality. We have a shared love (addiction) of travel hacking and I’m afraid we geek out a bit during this interview about our favorite hacks. It makes for a great episode full of useful tricks and tips for anyone wanting to find ways to travel more. Read More…

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Ep 8 | Beth Santos: Creating a Wanderful Community for Women Travelers

Meet Beth Santos, the passionate and dynamic founder and CEO of Wanderful, a global network for women who travel. Wanderful is a collaborative and inclusive community of women of all ages and backgrounds, who help one another travel the world. Their offerings include a homesharing platform, local chapters in 28 cities, events and organized trips. Read More…

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Kelly Scott - International Pet Sitter

Ep 2 | Kelly Scott: International Pet Sitting from City to Sea

I talk with international pet sitter Kelly Scott about how she embarked on an adventure of a lifetime.  Only a year ago, she took the leap and quit her job, sold almost everything and headed out to travel the world, one pet sit at a time.  Kelly shares the ins and outs of booking pet sitting gigs in different countries, what the job entails, and how to address some of the challenges that come up. Read More…