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Dmitra Smith

Ep 59 | D’mitra Smith: Taking a Break from the United States

I talk with D’mitra Smith, a talented musician, civil rights activist and most recently former Chair of the Sonoma County Commission on Human Rights. D’mitra shares about early transformative experiences abroad, the intersection of travel and human rights, and traveling while Black. She also shares what led her to decide to move to France, some lesser known truths about that country’s history, and what it’s been like so far to live abroad. Read More…

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Suzzanne Lacey

Ep 5 | Suzzanne Lacey: Exploring Civil Rights History Via Travel

I talk with Suzanne Lacey, founder and Executive Director of Museum Without Walls, which takes middle and high school students on unique trips to explore accounts of intolerance and racism at the sites where they happened. The non-profit organization’s vision is to educate and inspire students to become informed, engaged and motivated leaders who promote social justice in their communities. Read More…