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Ep 53 | Sierra Redmond: Military Family Travel

Meet Sierra Redmond, military spouse and creator of the Daily Impressions Lifestyle blog which encourages military families to travel and explore from where they are stationed. She also hopes to inspire families in general by providing information about accessible domestic and international travel. Sierra shares what sparked her wanderlust, what military family life is like, and why the military can offer unique travel opportunities. She also talks about traveling during the pandemic, including an extended road trip, flying and hotel stays. Read More…

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Ep 34 | Samantha Nelson: Freedom through a Year of Family Travel

Meet Samantha Nelson – mom, wife, traveler and writer. In 2014, she and her husband embarked on a year of travel with their two young children, a journey that changed their lives for the better. They now help other families travel through their blog, Those Crazy Nelsons. Samantha talks about what sparked her love of travel, her experience being stuck in a draining job, and how she finally created a life centered around family and travel. She also shares what the challenges were, and why they were worth it. Read More…

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Portia Smith with Daughters

Ep 27 | Portia Smith: Travel Blogger, Experience Advocate & Mom

Portia Smith is a travel blogger, wife and mom to two beautiful girls. She is the creator of the blog Obsessed by Portia, which is all about family, couple, and girlfriend travel, and offers tips and resources. Portia shares why she started a blog, how she’s grown it into a successful business, her tips for growing a social media following, how she cultivates sponsored trips, and much more. Read More…

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Ep 18 | Jess Sanchez: Traveling Full-Time with her Jetsetting Family

In episode 18 I speak with Jess Sanchez of The Jetsetting Family. She and her husband Rod sold everything, quit their jobs and embarked on a life of full-time travel with their two young children. Their blog, YouTube channel and podcast chronicle their adventures, providing inspiration and resources for other families who hope to do the same. Read More…

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Tina Neville Photo

Ep 13 | Tina Neville: From Refugee to Serving in the Foreign Service

Tina Neville’s desire to travel started with wanting to reconnect to the country where she was born. Her family came to the United States as refugees from Vietnam when Tina was a child. Her life journey led her from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma to graduate school at Yale, and then serving in Vietnam (and other countries) as a U.S. Foreign Service Officer. Read More…