Tina Neville’s desire to travel started with wanting to reconnect to the country where she was born. Her family came to the United States as refugees from Vietnam when Tina was a child. Her life journey led her from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma to graduate school at Yale, and then serving in Vietnam (and other countries) as a U.S. Foreign Service Officer.

Just when she thought her life abroad was over,  she met her husband, who was just starting his Foreign Service career. Together they lived abroad for 8 years, stationed in places like Thailand, Mexico and Honduras.  They also found that being a part of the Foreign Service community allowed them to travel extensively at minimal cost. As a result, Tina has traveled to over 50 countries. At the same time, Tina successfully founded Transcend Academy, an online business that helps students prepare for college – and allowed her to work remotely. Currently back in the States, Tina sits down with me to discuss her travel-filled life, and how she is raising her children to also be travelers and global citizens.

What you’ll learn

  • How Tina’s family history as refugees ignited her desire to travel
  • How she became the first person in her family to attend college and graduate school
  • Why the Foreign Service is a great option for traveling and living abroad
  • What working for the Foreign Service entails
  • Why she started Transcend Academy, a service that helps students prepare for college
  • Where she and her husband have traveled and lived around the world
  • How being part of the Foreign Service community increases the ability to travel extensively
  • Her plans to keep travel in her life now that she has moved back to the states and has 2 young children.
  • What Transcend Academy does to support students both inside and outside of the United States
  • Her travel tips and encouragement to just get out there and DO IT


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