Join me as I sit down with Cepee Tabibian, a United States expat who now lives in Madrid, Spain. Now that she has made her biggest travel dream a reality, she is inspiring other women over 30 to do the same via her online community and blog, She Hit Refresh. We spend time talking about her life long passion for travel, how she’s found a way to move abroad, and why her community is a hit with women looking to break free of their routine and start a life of travel.

About Cepee Tabibian

Born a citizen of the world to a Colombian mother and Iranian father in West Virginia, Cepee spent all but 9 months of her childhood growing up in the Lone Star State and proudly considers herself a Native Texan. Her education includes a bachelor’s in marketing and a master’s in international relations. In between her travels, she has worked in a variety of fields including marketing, sales, education, and travel. In 2015 she moved to Madrid, Spain, taught herself social media marketing, and soon after snagged her first remote job, a dream position that allows her to balance both work and travel. Cepee spends most of her free time making She Hit Refresh (a Facebook Group and Blog) awesome and running the Madrid Blogger Network.

What you’ll learn

  • What sparked her desire to travel
  • What led her to move permanently to Madrid
  • Teaching English as a way to initially make money abroad
  • What travel looks like for her now that she is an expat
  • Info about She Hit Refresh, the online community she created to support women over 30 who want to move abroad
  • How she’s been supporting herself financially
  • The digital nomad trend – finding ways to work remotely
  • 3 top tips for getting a plan started to move abroad
  • The importance of goal-setting and taking small steps
  • Additional resources for starting a life of travel


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