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Ep 66 | Gina Paige: African Ancestry Reunion Trips

I talk with Dr. Gina Paige, co-founder of African Ancestry, a DNA company that traces African lineages using genetics. She travels the world helping people of African descent demystify their roots so that they may better understand who they are by knowing where they’re from. Gina shares what sparked her love of travel, what led her to co-found African Ancestry, and how their company is different. She also talks about their curated “family reunion” heritage trips, and how one African country is now offering citizenship based on DNA results. Read More…

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Mickela Mallozzi: DNA Travel

Ep 61 | Mickela Mallozzi: Dance & DNA Travel

In this episode I talk to returning guest Mickela Mallozzi, Emmy award-winning host and Executive Producer of Bare Feet, a travel series highlighting the diversity of dance which airs on PBS and Amazon Prime Video. Mickela shares what inspired her to devote an entire season of her show to DNA travel, about a few of her favorite episodes from that season, and what it was like to travel to the places her ancestors are from. She also talks about her upcoming new season, and her travel plans for 2022 – including one trip that I plan to join. Read More…

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Ep 57 | Solo Episode: Traveling My Roots

Although I planned to end the Globetrotter Lounge podcast at the end of last year, some personal events over the last year inspired me to produce one more season. I share what led to that decision, and give a preview of upcoming guests and topics. I also announce my new podcast project, Traveling My Roots, which will document my travels to where my adoptive and biological ancestors are from. Along the way I will explore Black history, the immigrant experience, the complexities of adoption and being biracial – and ultimately my own identity. Read More…