In this episode, I interview Katrina Morrison, a flight attendant mom and wife who homeschools her three children. Her family’s lifestyle allows them to travel whenever and wherever they want – including wonderful destinations like Morocco, Paris, Costa Rica and Jamaica. She’s also the force behind the blog My Mommy Flies, where she shares her experience and tips on how to balance travel and family.

During our conversation she provides insight into the flight attendant career and lifestyle. She also talks about her experience with homeschooling (or “unschooling” as she calls it) and how it’s opened the door to more travel. And of course, Katrina leaves us with some great tips for other traveling moms.

What you’ll learn

  • What sparked her interest in travel
  • How her flight attendant career started
  • Why she started her blog “My Mommy Flies”
  • What flight attendant training entails
  • The reality of  working long, sometimes difficult hours on a flight
  • Why working as a flight attendant is more than just a job, it’s a lifestyle
  • Similarities between being a mom and working in the air
  • What she loves about being a flight attendant mom
  • Why she decided to homeschool her kids, and how she navigated fears and doubts
  • How her family incorporates educational learning into travel
  • Tips for moms who want to travel more with their kids


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